Local Investigation of Molecular Magnetism

Contact Address / CV

Prof. Dr. Germar Hoffmann
Department of Physics
Room 105 (Office)
Room xxx (Lab)
National Tsing Hua University
101 Section 2 Kuang Fu Road
Hsinchu, Taiwan

Tel. (office): ++886-xxxx
Fax.: ++886-xxxx

EMail: germar.hoffmann PleaseAttach@googlemail.com
Skype: Use My Email adress without the PleaseAttach

Karl-Leisner Elementary School, Kleve-Materborn

Johanna-Sebus High School, Kleve

1990-1991 Military Service in Hannover

1991-1997 Student of Physics

     1991-1993 / 1994-1997 RWTH Aachen
     1993-1994 University of Birmingham
     1994-1995 Working student at the Institut fuer Industrieofenbau
     1995 Student trainee at the research center of Siemens in Erlangen
     1996-1997 Working Student at the II. Physikalisches Institut

1996-1997 Member of the group of Prof. G. Güntherodt

     1997 Diploma Thesis on MOKE Spectroscopy in UHV

1997-2002 Member of the group of Prof. R. Berndt

     2002 PhD Thesis "Light Emission from Metals and Adsorbates in the STM"

2002-2010 Research Assistent in the group of Prof. R. Wiesendanger

     2002- Subgroup Leader on Molecular Magnetism & STM

2011 Guest Researcher in Taipei, Taiwan

     Institute of Physics, Academia Sinica

2011- Guest Researcher / Staff Scientist in Taipei, Taiwan

     Institute of Physics, Academia Sinica / Department of Physics, National Taiwan University

2012 Guest Researcher at Tokyo University

2012 Faculty Member of National Tsing Hua University, Hsinchu, Taiwan